Super Snake Universe

Play snake like never before! Super Snake Universe provides fun and exciting gameplay with 3D environments, where players move between planets eating apples to grow bigger and increase their score. The game ends when you run into another snake or obstacle, but if another snake runs into you apples drop in its place that you can eat. Play online with others to compete on our weekly leaderboard or privately with friends!

How to play

• Move the virtual joystick in the direction you want your snake to move.
• Collect apples that are on the map, but be careful not to run into other snakes or obstacles
• You may move through yourself, but watch your phase meter (upper-left corner). When the counter reaches zero your snake will solidify and you will crash into yourself.
• Use the boost button to move faster, but be careful as it will shrink your snake!
• Run over jumpers, to move to other planets.

Game Features

• Free to play
• Fun for all ages
• Online gameplay
• Weekly leaderboards
• Snake customization
• Private matches with friends
• Multiple control modes
• 3D

Super Snake Universe is available now and can be downloaded for iOS and Android



Super Snake Universe Gameplay